Name Office

E-Mail Office Hours Area of Specialization Region
Agnani, Sunil 1919 UH

sagnani1@uic.edu On leave
European Enlightenment, Empire and Decolonization, 18th c. British and French thought Europe
Blair, Cynthia M. 1231 UH

cmblair@uic.edu TR 1-2:30pm African-American History U.S.
Boyer, Christopher 901

crboyer@uic.edu TR 1-2pm Modern Mexico, Environmental History Latin America
Brier, Jennifer 1204
jbrier@uic.edu M 11-12pm
T 1-2pm
LGBTQ Studies, US Women's History, Public History U.S.
Chávez, Joaquín M.

1017 UH 

chavezj1@uic.edu On leave (2014-15)

Latin American and Caribbean history, the Global South Latin America
Daly, Jonathan W. 1019

daly@uic.edu MW 12-1pm Modern Russia, World History Europe
Fidelis, Malgorzata 1023 UH

gosia01@uic.edu On leave (2014-15)
Twentieth-century Europe, Eastern Europe, Poland, Gender, communism Europe
Fink, Leon 1011 UH

leonfink@uic.edu T 9:30-10:45am
By appt.
U.S. Labor U.S.
Hoppe, Kirk A. 922 UH

kahoppe1@uic.edu M 11:30-12:30pm
W 10-12:30pm
World History, East Africa Africa
Hostetler, Laura 901 UH


TR 3:30-4:30
Late Imperial China, History of Cartography Asia
 Hudson, Lynn 918 UH  hudsonlm@uic.edu    U.S. West, African American History  U.S.
Johnston, Robert 930 UH

johnsto1@uic.edu T 9:30-11:30am Director of Teacher Education Program; Progressive Era U.S. U.S.
Jordan, Nicole 1005 UH

NJordan@uic.edu M 11-11:50am

Modern Europe, European Diplomacy Europe
Keen, Ralph 925 UH

rkeen01@uic.edu TR 8-9am
and by appt.
Early modern Europe, History of Ideas, Religious History Europe
Levine, Susan
924 UH

slevine@uic.edu T 1-3pm U.S. Women, Labor U.S.
Levy, Richard S. 923 UH

rslevy@uic.edu MW 9-11:30am
TR 11-12pm

Modern Europe, Modern Germany Europe
Liechty, Mark 3148a BSB

liechty@uic.edu TR 2-3:30pm

South Asian Culture and History Asia
Mantena, Rama Sundari  929 UH 
rmantena@uic.edu On leave
South Asia, Colonial India, British Empire Asia
McCloskey, Deirdre N. 829 UH

deirdre2.enteract@rcn.com By appt. Economic History Europe
McClure, Ellen 1613 UH

ellenmc@uic.edu 17th-century France Europe
Mogilner, Marina 1001 UH


Papakonstantinou, Zinon 1808 UH  zpapak@uic.edu TR 12-1pm and by appt.
Ancient History Europe
Peters, Julie 926 UH

jlpeters@uic.edu T 11-1pm R 11-3pm
W by appt. 
Teacher Education U.S.
 Quadri, Junaid  925 UH

On leave
Modern Islam, Islamic law, Islamic theology
Islamic World
Ransby, Barbara 1207 UH

bransby@uic.edu African-American History U.S.
Schultz, Kevin M. 927 UH

schultzk@uic.edu MW 10-11am
Modern America, Religious, Ethnoracial, and Intellectual History U.S.
Sklansky, Jeffrey 900 UH

sklanskj@uic.edu W 10-12pm,
R 3:30-5:30pm
Intellectual, economic, and social history of the 19th century US and early America, history of capitalism, history of social science U.S.
Stauter-Halsted, Keely 1003 UH

stauterh@uic.edu TR 2-3pm
History of Poland Europe
Tantillo, Astrida Orle 410 UH

tantillo@uic.edu By appt. Germany, History of Science and Philosophy Europe
Tobin, Jennifer 1814 UH

jtobin@uic.edu Greek and Roman, art and architecture Europe
Todd-Breland, Elizabeth 920 UH  etoddbre@uic.edu On leave
(Fall 2014)
Modern America, African American, Urban history U.S.
Villa-Flores, Javier javier@uic.edu Latin America, colonial Mexico, religion, colonialism Latin America
Zweiniger-Bargielowska, Ina 1010 UH

Modern Britain, British Women and Gender Europe

visiting assistant professors

Name Office
E-Mail Office Hours Area of Specialization
Elif Akcetin

Amy Schneidhorst              

904 UH       aschne1@uic.edu


Name Office
E-Mail Office Hours Area of Specialization  Region
John Abbott 1015 UH
jabbot1@uic.edu MWF 10-10:50am

Jacob Betz  914 UH       Law and religious pluralism in American history.

Darryl Heller
914 UH darryl@uchicago.edu
W 12-1:30pm
R 11-12:30pm 
U.S., African American       
Monica Jimenez 914 UH jimenema@uic.edu MW 1:30-2:45pm

Latin American and Caribbean History, Empire Building

 Latin America and 


Name Office
E-Mail Office Hours Area of Specialization Region 
 Cory Davis          
Tom Dorrance 914 UH
MW 11-12pm

US history; labor, business and politics

Maria Ritzema 916 UH
MW 10:30-11:30am

Southeast Asia Asia
 Peter Strickland