The Department of History
Brown Bag Series

Spring 2017

950 University Hall


January 11
‘Puerto Rico in Never-Never Land’: What the Sanchez Valle and Franklin-California Trust cases mean for Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans.”

Mónica A. Jiménez, Visiting assistant professor, UIC 

January 18
Discussion: historical analogies and the current US political moment (to what extent, historical analogies from the twentieth century, above all Mussolini's fascist takover in Italy and Hitler's rise to power in 1932/33, might usefully be applied to today's situation).

John Abbott
Richard Levy 

January 25
Teaching film in history courses: roundtable

John Abbot, Robert Johnston and Marian Mogilner

February 1
Refugees, Returnees and Repatriates: Defining Citizenship in the New Polish State, 1918-1921.

Keely Stauter-Halsted 

February 8
The Royal Navy, Legal Pluralism and Authority
in Early Sierra Leone: 1670-1815

Timothy Soriano

February 15
Session on archival research and strategies to deal with new technologies (for graduate students) 

Gosia Fidelis 

February 22 
China's Maritime Claims: Perspectives from the History of Cartography.

Laura Hostetler

March 1
“Operacion Amor": Hippies, Musicians, and Cultural Transformation in El Salvador, 1968-1971

Joaquín M. Chávez

March 8
Waldensian Missionaries in Colonial Abyssinia (1880s-1941)

Caterina Scalvedi

March 15
Criminal justice and the law in Russia: A historical perspective.

Jonathan Daly

March 29 
A Post-Election Special/Democracy in The Wayback Machine: Exploring James Kloppenberg's Toward Democracy

Robert Johnston 

April 5
Club: A Colonial Construct?

Manamee Guha

April 12
Nation of Descendants: Genealogy and the Self in U.S. History

Francesca Morgan, associate professor, NEIU

April 19
Europe’s Russian Colonies: Tsarist Emigres and the Quest for Freedom in Nineteenth-Century Europe

Faith Hillis, assistant professor, UFC 

April 26
No brownbag session; Osofsky lecture