The Department of History
Brown Bag Series

Spring 2018

950 University Hall

1/17/18- Career Diversity Initiative- Gosia Fidelis, Chris Boyer and Robert Johnston

1/24/18- 'Food Wars Among The Mad: Science, Corruption, and Class in Mexico City's Insane Asylums 1850-1910', Elena Llinas (Tulane University

1/31/18- Innovative Assignments and Pedagogical Strategies For The Undergraduate Classroom, Gosia Fidelis and Timothy Herbert

2/7/18- Writing and Defending Dissertation Prospectus, Gosia FIdelis

2/14/18- Book Project 'How Europe Made The Modern World', Jonathan Daly

2/21/18- 'Voices Of The Unredressed: Korean And Japanese American Atomic Bomb Survivors In The Cold War Pacific', Michael Jin

2/28/18- 'Colonial And Colonized Masculinities In The Ottoman Sudan', Kirk Hoppe

3/7/18- 'Therapeutic Aspirations: Western Scientific Orthodoxy, International Politics, And The African Biomedical Response To The Early AIDS Crisis, 1985-1995', Nicholas Gordon

3/14/18- 'Modernizing The Global Working Class: Labor And Development In The Cold War', Jeff Schuhrke

3/21/18- 'Working With Biographical Sources: Rural Youth's Memoirs In Sixties In Poland', Gosia Fidelis

4/4/18- Career Diversity Initiative- Gosia Fidelis and Robert Johnston

4/11/18- 'Assessing Causes Or Fixing Blame? World War I And The Fischer Thesis Revisited', John Abbott and Richard Levy

4/18/18- 'Hurricane Marijuana- The Untold Story Of How Colombia Became A Drug Paradise', Lina Britto (Northwestern University)