The Department of History
Brown Bag Series

Fall 2017

950 University Hall

  • 9/13/2017: "Not Like A Ranch House": The Origin and Meanings of the Architectural Metaphor in Computing presented by David Halsted, UIC Department of History, Affiliate Faculty Member 
  • 10/4/2017: 'A History of Forests, Indigeneity, and Narcologging in Mexico' presented by Chris Boyer, UIC
  • 10/11/2017: 'Exploring and Discussing the AHA's Career Diversity Initiative' presented by Robert Johnston, Gosia Fidelis and Chris Boyer (UIC)
  • 10/18/2017: Dissertation Writing Strategies by Gosia Fidelis (UIC)
  • 10/25/2017: 'The Materiality of Diplomacy in Light of Relations between Persia and the Holy Roman Empire presented by Indravati Felicite, University of Paris-Diderot
  • 11/1/2017: Recent History PhDs Discuss Diverse Career Paths, Julie Laut (University of Illinois Press) and David Greenstein (UIC Library)
  • 11/8/2017: 'Tracking the Flock: Expulsion, Repatriation and Integration in Poland's Catholic Dioceses after World War II' presented by James Bjork (King's College, London)
  • 11/15/2017: 'Making Race in the Red Light District: White Public Health and Japanese Exclusion in the Era of the Hawaiian Republican (1893-1901)' presented by Caleb Hardner, UIC
  • 11/29/2017: 'Remembering the Imperial Past in Contemporary Russia: Nicolas II vs. Peter the Great' presented by Ekaterina Boltunova (Moscow)