Michael Alexander

Professor of History Emeritus

Email: micalexa@uic.edu
Office:   1831 Murray Ave., #217
              Pittsburgh, PA  15217-1656
Phone: (412) 417-9457

Michael Alexander taught ancient Roman History at UIC until 2009.


Selected publications:



    • "History and Text:  Two Kinds of Ancient History," Arethusa 46 (2013) 499-535.
    • "The Commentariolum Petitionis as an Attack on Election Campaigns," Athenaeum 97 (2009) 31-57, 369-95.
    • "The Repudiated Technicality in Roman Forensic Oratory," pp. 59-72, in Lex et Romanitas: Essays for Alan Watson. Ed. Michael Hoeflich. Studies in Comparative Legal History (Robbins Collection Publications, School of Law, U. of California at Berkeley, 2000)
    • "The Role of Torquatus the Younger in the Ambitus Prosecution of Sulla in 66 B.C., and Cicero De Finibus 2.62," Classical Philology 94 (1999) 65-69
    • "Analysis of an Ancient Network: Personal Communication and the Study of Social Structure in a Past Society," Social Networks 12 (1990) 313-35 [with James A. Danowski]
    • "Praemia in the Quaestiones of the Late Republic," Classical Philology 80 (1985) 20-32
    • "Compensation in a Roman Criminal Law", University of Illinois Law Review (1984) 521-39
    • "Repetition of Prosecution, and the Scope of Prosecutions, in the Standing Criminal Courts of the Late Republic," Classical Antiquity 1 (1982) 141-66
    • "The legatio Asiatica of Scaurus: did it take place?" Transactions of the American Philological Association 111 (1981) 1-9
    • "Hortensius' Speech in Defense of Verres," Phoenix 30 (1976) 46-53


Chapters in Books:

Work in progress:

  • "Roman Political Morality without the Commentariolum Petitionis"

Awards and Positions:

  • NEH Fellowship for College Teachers, 1983-84
  • Fellowship, National Humanities Center, 1983-84
  • Fellowship, Institute for the Humanities, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1986-87