Richard Fried

Professor of History Emeritus


Until he retired in 2009, Rick Fried taught various courses in Recent US History, primarily focusing on political history with a strong interest in political culture. He published four books:  Men Against McCarthy (Columbia University Press, 1976); Nightmare in Red: The McCarthy Era in Perspective (Oxford University Press, 1990); The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! Pageantry and Patriotism in Cold-War America (Oxford, 1998); and The Man Everybody Knew: Bruce Barton and the Making of Modern America (Ivan R. Dee, 2005), a biography of the famous adman, religious writer and political figure.

He is currently working on a biography of Joseph R. McCarthy. He has enjoyed Fulbright lectureships in Spain (1998) and in Vietnam (2006).


Selected publications:


  • Articles, Chapters, Encyclopedia Entries:

    • "Electoral Politics and McCarthyism: The 1950 Campaign," in Robert W. Griffith and Athan Theoharis, eds., The Specter: Original Essays on the Cold War and the Origins of McCarthyism (New York: Franklin Watts, 1974)
    • "John F. Kennedy and the l960 Campaign," Introduction to Microform Edition of The John F. Kennedy l960 Campaign (Frederick, MD: University Press of America, l987)
    • "The Red Scare," in Richard Kirkendall & Meghan Wander, eds., Harry S. Truman: His Life and Times (Boston, 1990)
    • "Executive Privilege," in Joel Silbey ed. in chief, Encyclopedia of the American Legislative System (New York, 1994)
    • "Springtime for Stalin: Mosinee's 'Day Under Communism' as Cold War Pageantry," Wisconsin Magazine of History77 (Winter 1993-94)
    • "Madrid Diary: Spain Examines the Splendid Little War,'" Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 9, 1998
    • "The Fifties We Forget," in Maria Eugenia Diaz Sanchez and Viorica Patea Birk, eds., Anarchy and Dissent: American Literature in the Sixties (Salamanca, 2000)
    • "Introduction" to Bruce Barton, The Man Nobody Knows (Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2000)
    • "The Idea of 'Conspiracy' in McCarthy Era Politics," Prologue (Spring 2002)
    • "Voting Against the Hammer and Sickle: Communism as an Issue in American Politics," in WIlliam H. Chafe, ed., The Achievement of American Liberalism: The New Deal and Its Legacies (New York: Columbia University Press, 2003)
    • "1950-1960," in Stephen J. Whitfield, ed., A Companion to American History (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2004)
    • 'Operation Polecat': Thomas E. Dewey, the 1948 Election, and the Origins of McCarthyism," Journal of Policy History, 22, no. 1 (Winter 2010): 1-22.
    • "The New Deal Political Culture" in William Pederson, ed., Blackwell's Companion to FDR (2011).

Awards and Positions:

  • Senior Fulbright Fellow, Vietnam National University,Hanoi, 2006
  • UIC Humanities Institute Fellow, 1988-89
  • Senior Fulbright Lecturer, Universidad de Alcala de Henares and Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1998
  • UIC Department of History Shirley A. Bill Teaching Award, 2004