Pursuing the doctorate in History at UIC

The graduate faculty offers training at the PhD level for a select number of advanced graduate students. Admission is restricted to those students who, in the opinion of the graduate faculty, have demonstrated the potential to make a significant contribution to scholarship. All incoming PhD students must consult with a faculty adviser to plan an appropriate program of study. It is particularly important that students make the necessary arrangements to obtain adequate preparation in the one major and two minor fields in which they are to be examined. The graduate faculty expects full-time students to take their preliminary examinations during their second year and to defend their dissertation at some point within the next four years. The Graduate College requires students to complete their PhD degree within seven years of their admission to the PhD program, and within five years after passing the preliminary examination.

Students entering the PhD Program with a master's degree from another department or discipline may be required to complete additional coursework which is specified upon admission.

Note: Any exceptions to these requirements must have the support of the student's faculty adviser and the approval of the Graduate Advisory Committee

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