2020-2021 Departmental Awards

Awardees announced at our annual Osofsky Lecture Event (May 2021)

~ ~ ~ ~

We have two awards for our top-performing undergraduates, vetted by the faculty and reviewed by their outstanding accomplishments, and, having seen this year’s class, there are a lot of outstanding undergraduates.

  • The Gordon Lee Goodman Award for Distinction in Undergraduate Studies was endowed by friends and relatives of the late Gordon L. Goodman, associate professor of British History at UIC.  It is given annually, by a vote of the history faculty, to the student (or, on occasion, students), near senior standing, who most demonstrates excellent scholarship.

Gordon Lee Goodman Award Recipient: Sophia Escobar

  • The Lillian Edinger Fund provides a scholarship for undergraduates pursuing a B.A. in history at UIC.  The winner is decided by the history faculty.

Lillian Edinger Scholarship Recipient: Abdul Basith Basheer

~ ~ ~ ~

The Shirley A. Bill Award for Excellence in Teaching

Shirley A. Bill joined our faculty in 1947, when the University was still located at Navy Pier. One of Professor Bill’s undergraduate students endowed a teaching award in her name to honor her memory and achievements as an excellent teacher who influenced her students’ lives. The wishes of the donor are that the award be given each year to a faculty member chosen by vote of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate history majors. This year, we had an unprecedented number of votes and still, we ended with a tie!

Shirley A. Bill Award Recipients: Julie Peters and Jeff Schuhrke