Chris Boyer and History’s Mysteries

On March 2, Associate Professor Chris Boyer will give a public lecture about a mysterious murder in Revolutionary Mexico, and have the audience help solve the crime.  The lecture is part of the Department of History's "History's Mysteries Series," a four-part series that uses a mystery to introduce the audiences not only to the historical past but to the methods historians use to understand that past.  Boyer's talk will begin when local residents find the body of local schoolboy floating down a river in a small town in western Mexico.  Who committed the crime?  What does it say about Revolutionary Mexico?  What does it say about Mexico today?

The talk is March 2, 2012, at 7 pm at UIC's Institute for the Humanities, 701 S. Morgan Street, Stevenson Hall, lower level.  Drinks at 6:30 and a reception to follow.  For more information, email: