Congratulations to Dr. Alex Crawley!

Dr. Alex Crawley successfully defended their dissertation titled 'Method in His Madness: Enacting Male Normativity in Holloway Sanatorium for the Insane, 1880-1910' earlier this month. Helping them in their goal to achieve this successful end were their dedicated panel comprised of Robert Johnston, Lynn Hudson, Jim Sack, Claire Laurier Decoteau, and Julian Pooley. To put it in Dr. Crawley's words, their dissertation demonstrates the 'ways in which one iteration of white, middle-class, male normativity influenced Victorian asylum administrators and doctors as they cultivated and enacted diagnosis, therapy, and recovery and adds to scholarship that argues that the medicalization of male normativity when it stands on such contingent, hegemonic ground was/is harmful and exclusionary.'
Once again, congratulations to Dr. Alex Crawley!