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Sohini Majumdar

Graduate Student

PhD Candidate


Pronouns: she/her/hers

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Sohini is a doctoral candidate, working on postcolonial migration after the partition of colonial India in 1947, with a specific focus on Bengal. Born and raised in the city of Calcutta, Sohini is interested in understanding the relationship between partition, border making, migration, and citizenship in daily lives of South Asians. In her MPhil thesis, Sohini examined communal politics and patterns of violence in colonial Calcutta in the late 1940s. Currently, Sohini is interested in exploring the everyday socio-political transformations that came with the end of the British Empire and the formation of new nation-states in South Asia.

Selected Publications

A Different Calcutta: INA Trials and Hindu-Muslim Solidarity in 1945 and 1946 in Tanika Sarkar and Sekhar Bandyopadhyay (ed.) Calcutta: The Stormy Decades, Social Science Press, New Delhi, April 1, 2015.


Book Review of Neeti Nair’s Changing Homelands: Hindu Politics and Partition of India, Harvard University Press, 2011, published in Refugee Watch Online (co-publication of Refugee Watch), January 16, 2013.


Reviewing Partition: A Spatial Transformation published in Perspective, University of Calcutta, March 2010.


Book Review of Gyanendra Pandey’s Remembering Partition: Violence, Nationalism and History in India, Cambridge University Press, 2001, published in Perspective, University of Calcutta, March 2009.

Notable Honors

2020-2021, Dean's Scholar Fellowship, University of Illinois at Chicago

2019, Provost's Graduate Research Award, University of Illinois at Chicago

2019, Summer Travel AWard, Department of History, University of Illinois at Chicago

2017, Peter R. D’ Agostino Memorial Scholarship, University of Illinois at Chicago

2017, GSC Travel Award, University of Illinois at Chicago

2017, Graduate College Student Presenters Award, University of Illinois at Chicago

2016, History Doctoral Award, University of Illinois at Chicago

2010, Order of Merit Certificate, University of Calcutta

2008, Order of Merit Certificate, University of Calcutta

2008-2010, Indira Gandhi PG Scholarship, University Grants Commission, India


Bachelor of Arts (History), 2008:

Presidency College, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India
Honors: History
Elective: Philosophy and Political Science

Master of Arts (History), 2010:

University of Calcutta, India
Additional Research Focus: Social History of India, 1857-1947

Linnaeus-Palme Exchange Student at Uppsala University, Department of History, 2010

Master of Philosophy/MPhil (Modern History), 2014
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Currently Ph.D. Candidate at UIC History Department

Courses Taught: Teaching Assistant at the University of Illinois at Chicago, 2016 to 2020.

Western Civilization to 1648;
Western Civilization Since 1648;
Modern South Asia 1857-present;
The World since 1400;
Global Transformations and the Rise of the West since 1400,
Russia in War and Revolution, 1904-1922

Selected Presentations

"Communal Conflicts and Public Discourses: The Crisis of National Belonging in India," Annual UCLA Graduate Student Association Conference on Contexts of Crisis: Danger, Opportunity, and the Unknown, April 2017.

Contesting the National: Bengali Muslims and Multiple Forms of Belonging in Postcolonial South Asia," 13th Annual Graduate History Symposium on Canada 150: Defining the Nation in a Transnational World, May 2017

Research Currently in Progress

Late colonial and early postcolonial South Asia; Making of borders and borderlands; Partition migration and nation-state formation; Politics of citizenship and belongings; Minorities, gender, and migration; Postcolonial subjectivities


Current Dissertation Topics:

I am working on late colonial and early postcolonial migration in South Asia (specifically Bengal) to understand how independence and partition of British India transformed everyday life and produced contesting ways of belonging to a nation.