Photo of Smith, Stephanie

Stephanie Smith

Graduate Student



Program: PhD
Program start date/advisor: Fall 2015, advisors: Lynn M. Hudson and Cynthia Blair
Research interests: African American History, African American women's history, critical race theory, racial identity, racial passing, interracial intimacy, US legal history, Civil War & Reconstruction, slavery & emancipation, genealogy and family history

Selected Publications

“Selfridges & Co.: The Chicago Origins of a London Merchant.”¬†Prologue¬†47, no. 3 (Fall 2015): 46-52

Notable Honors

2009, Excellence in Genealogy Award, National Archives and Records Administration


Expected Ph.D. completion date - May 2024
BA- the University of Illinois at Chicago - May 1998
JD-The John Marshall Law School - May 2006
MLIS-Dominican University - August 2008
LLM-The John Marshall Law School - May 2011
LLM-The John Marshall Law School - January 2013
PhD-Dominican University - August 2015

Courses Taught (TA):

Modern America, Early America
Global Transformations
History of American Women

Research Currently in Progress

antebellum and postbellum issues pertaining to color, race, racial identity, and racial construction in the Midwest