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History is the study of change over time, but it's also the story of who we are as people, how our world was created, and what we value and believe. Our faculty members are leaders in their fields, our graduate students typically go on to secure tenure-track jobs in universities and colleges throughout the nation, and our undergraduates have the freedom to explore their variety of interests while remaining grounded in the mainstream of the discipline. The Department of History is an exciting place to be. 

Why Major in History?

Because every succeeding generation has new questions to ask of the past, history is constantly being rewritten, which makes it an exciting, dramatic discipline. Perhaps of equal importance, studying history allows students to develop skills in demand in the workplace. Read more about majoring in history and how the skills you'll learn has a history major will help you in the job market.

Living and Learning in Chicago 

UIC is located near the center of Chicago and offers students an opportunity to experience the city as part of the campus in a way a “college town" campus cannot. Read more about living and learning in a dynamic urban campus in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Chicago is also an ideal space for historical exploration. See how one professor explores every day life in the neighborhood now known as University Village around the turn of the 20th century Chicago In The Vicinity of Maxwell and Halsted Streets


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Faculty Publications:

Here are a list of publications by our award winning faculty

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