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400 Level Course Syllabi

HIST 410: European Film in the Age of Dictators 

Abbott, Fall 2017

HIST 410: Debating the Great Divergence: Did Europe Make the Modern World?

Daly, Spring 2020

HIST 420: Teaching the Social Sciences

Peters, Fall 2018

Peters, Fall 2019

Peters, Fall 2020

HIST 433: Topics in East European History: Refugees and Forced Migration in Historical Perspective

Stauter-Halsted, Spring 2019

HIST 435: Soviet Culture and Society after Stalin

Daly, Spring 2018

HIST 435: Russian and Soviet Criminal Justice

Daly, Spring 2019


Senior History Research Seminars

History 440: "Life During Wartime"

Abbott, Fall 2019

Abbott, Fall 2020

History 440: "U.S. Social Movements"

Hudson, Fall 2018

History 440: “Empires”

Mantena, Fall 2019

History 440: "Race, Class, and Gender"

Sklansky, Spring 2018

History 440: "The Home Front During the World Wars"

Stauter-Halsted, Spring 2020

History 440: No Specific Theme

Torres, Fall 2018

Todd-Breland, Fall 2020

History 440: Borderland Lives in Modern World History

Wilczewski, Spring 2019

HIST 454: US Immigration History & Policy

Goodman, Fall 2019

HIST 477: Modernity and Colonialism in the Muslim World

Quadri, Fall 2020

HIST 479: Culture and Colonialism in South Asia

Liechty, Fall 2020

HIST 481: Woods, Trees, and Property in Early America, Spring 2019

Sklansky, Spring 2019

GLAS 490: Asian Diasporas in Latin America

Gonzalez, Spring 2020

HIST 499: History Internship

Mantena, Spring 2019

Student Teaching Syllabus

Peters, Fall 2018

Peters, Fall 2020